Essential 7 – Nutritional Supplement

What’s in Essential 7:

·         Risotriene
Our Premier product that is the most nutrient dense product on the planet

·         Kona Deep Sea Minerals
Trace minerals and elements from the Sea

·         Fiber
Rich in natural fiber helping maintain a healthy colon

·         Vegetables
Supply your body with the needed vegetables easily

·         Polyphenol herbs
Helps fight cell degeneration and free radicals

·         Organic Selenium
Made from broccoli

·         Ginseng
Supports stress reduction

Essential 7 is considered the best antioxidant offered today.  One Scoop a Day offers it in a powdered formula in six delicious flavors.  Maintaining a healthy diet rich with the nutrients you need, would take significant effort to prepare and be very costly.  Taking Essential 7 on a daily basis is easy and assures you you’re getting the nutrients necessary for maintaining optimum health.

To view all of our products visit our website at One Scoop a Day or call us at 800-945-1886.  We value phone calls from our customers and are anxious to talk to you about Risotriene and all the nutritional supplements we offer.  Our products include: weight loss supplements, fibromyalgia pain relief supplement, enzyme supplements, colon cleanse and much more. For better health call us today!


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